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Aptly named, SEI-TEK™, Inc.™ stands for simple, easy, intuitive technology. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SEI-TEK™, Inc.™ unites exceptionally talented team members and strategic partners, all with proven design, development and marketing expertise, as well a passion for innovation.

Committed to designing technology products that address the overlooked, unique needs of seniors and technology wary individuals, SEI-TEK™ hopes to enhance the quality of life and communication for all people as they age. This ranges from an intuitive online interface for shopping, travel and dining to a blog with topics specific to seniors, including medical information, social and leisure opportunities, and government programs.

Sound Oversight.

Our advisory board unites individuals with vast experience developing technology and technological companies. Their input assures the Savi Tablet maximum success.

Strategic Partners

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SEI-TEK™ literally puts technology at users’ fingertips. We’ve assembled the right people and the most innovative technologies. Now all we need is you.

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