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When you’re in the technology business, news happens daily. Here’s a peek at what’s making news lately, plus information worth sharing.
Connected Living for Social Aging:
Designing Technology for All (Excerpt)
Researched and prepared by Laurie M. Orlov, Founder and Principal Analyst, Aging in Place Technology Watch

Connected Living Today Is Fraught with Challenges

Despite the wonders of technology all around us, for boomers and beyond, living in a connected world requires patience, time and persistence because:

• Technology products, challenging in their complexity, are designed for none. Just as we have dissonances of life that we can’t avoid, we have abrupt technology changes that dismay us with new user interfaces, startup-shutdown processes, battery charging changes, password expirations, and sudden version updates. Recent news touts how sensitive product designers are becoming to the limitations of aging, now that the first slice of baby boomers have turned 65.16 But in reality, technology product designers (unlike car or lighting manufacturers) seem to design products for themselves, launch quickly, and then solve one issue at a time. Says Arlene Harris, founder of Jitterbug: “I call this the perpetual void. The people responsible for making new things don’t want to focus energy on the less tech-savvy people who have already been around—instead, they focus on themselves and their youngsters.”

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