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Apps with a Point-of-View.
From photos to movies, email to books, applications transform the Savi Tablet into an indispensable communication tool. Using a proprietary application programming interface (API), SEI-TEK™ has designed apps that are as intuitive as the Savi Tablet itself with easy-to-recognize sans serif fonts and proven color choices for maximum visual effectiveness.
Each tablet ships preloaded with a full set of Savi Apps, including:
• Email
• Calendar
• Camera
• Photos
• Music
• Movies
• Web browser
• Games
• Books
• Video chat
• Texting
• More to come!

In addition, our Savi App Store makes it easy to order wide range of games and apps related to cognitive exercises, entertainment, cooking, sports, finance, travel, and much more. Customers can also download apps from Google Play, plus our open architecture facilitates outside Savi app development.

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