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The ultimate success of any business can be measured only by the satisfaction of customers and a reputation for exceptional service. To assure superior service and support, SEI-TEK™ has partnered with Caleris to coordinate our help desk and technical support. A leading US-based call center, Caleris offers state-of-the art technology platforms and highly trained, courteous customer service representatives who live and work in the United States.

All Savi Tablets will carry a one-year warranty with the option of adding an extended two-year warranty for added peace of mind. For individuals who want more personal service and assistance, such as set-up, general overview, professional instruction and application usage, we offer VIP service plans and priority phone numbers to reduce wait times. Our service plans include:

Silver Support Package Standard support for tech-savvy users who need minimal assistance for start-up and ongoing support.
Gold Support Package More personal level service plan for start-up and ongoing support.
Platinum Support Package Highly personal service including step-by-step start-up and application usage, plus more accessible customer support.
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