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See the World from Your Perspective.
Imagine a tablet that makes every action intuitive and effortless. Technology visionary SEI-TEK™, Inc.™ has not only imagined it, but is making it a reality. Called the Savi Tablet, it represents a new era of computer devices designed specifically for seniors, as well as those who are technologically wary.

Unlike current tablets, Savi offers simple navigation, buttons and icons designed for easy access, plus colors and fonts that appeal to people with compromised vision. Sleek and technologically proficient enough for current tablet fans and basic enough for even the most inexperienced user, Savi puts the power of connections at everyone’s fingertips.

The Savi Advantage
• Easy to operate and navigate
• Senior-sensitive design
• Intuitive online interface
• Large print and icons
• High-resolution screen
• Internal camera and video
• Bluetooth® - and Wi-Fi-ready
• Apps designed for easy use
• Non-Savi apps from Google Play
• Color palette that aids reading
• US-based customer support
• VIP custom service plans
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